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How do I access newsgroups?
There are two ways. One is to use the web based newsreader. The other is to set the news (NNTP) server to in your newsreader software (you only need to do this once). For more information about configuring your newsreader go to support.

Who do I contact if I have problems?
You can contact support by e-mail at , call us toll free at 888.811.8681 in the U.S. (International: +1 865 524 8888) or even fax us at +1 865 524 0740

My username and password does not seem to work!
Please remember, your password and account name are CASE SENSITIVE and they need to be typed exactly as you submitted them to us when you applied for your account. If you are still having problems logging in, please contact us at your convenience.

I get the message "502 Authentication Error"
This means that your account name and password are not configured properly or your account is no longer valid. Please note that it is CASE SENSITIVE. You can either configure this information in your news reader/browser or correctly input it each time that you log in.

How come I do not have to enter my account name and password?
This depends on your WWW/NEWS reader configuration. Certain news readers can be configured for account name and passwords. With these News readers, you will not need to input your account name and password each time you log in. However, other browsers/news readers, will require you to enter your account name and password each time you try to connect.

How can I cancel my account?
Please send an e-mail with your request to cancel your account to with your name, username and password or method of payment.

How do I suggest a new feature to be added to Newsville?
We are always interested in improving Newsville! Please send and e-mail to with your suggestion and rest assured that we will make every effort to include it.

Do you accept any payment methods other than credit cards?
We only accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards at this point for personal accounts. Commercial and Service provider accounts can also be invoiced on a monthly basis.

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