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Instructions for AOL Users

As an AOL customer you will need the following two prerequisites if you want to access the Usenet newsgroups through Newsville.Com.

  • Apply and obtain an account with Newsville.Com (click here).
  • Download and install a free "News-reader" program to use with your account at Newsville.Com or use the Web Reader (see below).

These instruction apply only if you want to use a newsreader and not the Web Reader interface Newsville.Com provides. Do you use the Web Reader interface just click here.

AOL 4.0 and higher supports Usenet access from independent Usenet newsgroups providers like Newsville.Com. By applying for an account to Newsville, you will be able to access the Usenet newsgroups through Newsville.Com. That way you can have access to all of the newsgroups carried by Newsville.Com (see list).

AOL will still provide you with your Internet access, which begins by dialing AOL's local (to your city) phone number and connecting you to the Internet. After you are connected, you may begin accessing the Usenet Newsgroups through Newsville.Com.

In order to be able to do that, you will generally need to download and install additional, free, software on your computer. This software is simply called "newsreader" and can be obtained from a variety of sources. One of these sources is TUCOWS. We recommend a copy of Netscape Communicator from: under the category Browsers, or, Free Agent and NewsXpress under the category news-readers.

After you download and install the software you choose, please read the appropriate instructions for setting it up by clicking here. When you are finished with these instructions, e.g., in Netscape Communicator, follow this simple procedure to start using your Newsville acount:

  1. Connect to the Internet through AOL as usual
  2. Minimize this connection, making sure you do not disconnect
  3. Start the Newsreader software you downloaded and configured for Newsville, i.e., Netscape
  4. Click on the link "Listing of Newsgroup hierarchies"
That's it! Enjoy all that Newsville.Com has to offer. If you already follow some newsgroups that you think we do not carry, we may add them if you simply request them. Please click here to send us an e-mail with your request.

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